Selecting an entire table

I’m making a large table in Scrivener - “large” in that it “never ends” - in so far as it doesn’t have to cross page boundaries … which is great, because I hardly know of any other mac software that allows you to do this…

But a little problem… I just want to select the whole table, so that I can change the border colour - is that possible? If I just “select all”, then the whole page is selected, and I can’t fiddle with the table’s properties, so somehow I have to select the whole table. I know I can click in the first cell and sweep down until I get to the last one, but that’s if my hand can hold out … and as I say I just wondered if there’s a way of just selecting the whole table.

Thank you.


No, there’s no shortcut I know of that allows you to select the whole table. Tables in Scrivener aren’t the best, to be honest, as they are the ones from the standard OS X text system.


You can click in the first cell and then Shift-click in the last one, though.

OK thanks - shift clicking seems to be the best way. Oddly, changing the border colour seems to work for most cells, but leaves some unchanged. Still, it’s not hugely important. Thanks for the tip.