Selecting docs in corkboard, and scrivening mode

Let’s say I have a number of docs showing as index cards in corkboard view on the left side of a split.

And let’s say I have the “Automatically open selection in other editor” button engaged on that left side.

As I click different index cards on the left, the right side displays the selected doc.

But if I select multiple index cards, is the right side supposed to switch into scrivenings mode and show the multiple documents, as it would if I selected multiple docs in the sidebar?

I expected that it would, but it doesn’t. Ditto with multiple selections in outline mode.

It’s really not a big deal, but it’s kind of curious, as intuitively it seems like the same relationship is being set up between the selected set of documents and the editor that is otherwise displaying them.

Yes, that should in fact be happening the way you expect it to. Whenever more than one item is sent to an editor, no matter from where that selection came from, it should form a multiple selection and be subject to the default group view mode for that split. It looks like there is a problem with that, thanks!

Interestingly, with that same setup, if you hit Ctrl-Alt-Return to load the selection in the other editor, it works as expected. So it is specific to the automatic load button.