Selecting empty synopsis

In the Inspector, if you tab from an index card headline to a synopsis containing -No Synopsis-, Scriv103 does NOT select the synopsis, it puts the insertion point to the left of -No Synopsis-.

I figure this is a bug (in addition to being an inconvenience) because…

If you tab from the headline to synopsis in the corkboard, it selects -No Synopsis-, so that typing replaces the placeholder text.

It is not a bug. The index card editor in the inspector is a different entity to the one in the corkboard.

The same difference that causes the different behaviour of the enter key in the corkboard vs. the inspector?

(/me ducks and runs)


Exactly the same difference. Well said, in fact. :slight_smile:

Please explain the usefulness of appending text to the left of

  • No Synopsis-

I have no idea why that functionality would be desireable.

I’ve just got back from Norway, so I am using my new-found Zen calm here:


A more helpful reply might be this: the index card in the inspector is a plain old text view. It is not a control like the one in the corkboard. I don’t explicitly set any selection when you click into it - you will see it works exactly the same with other text, too. Perhaps the insertion point should be placed afterwards. Dunno. Are you always this picky? :slight_smile: