Selecting folders does not select the text in them

Dunno if this has been posted before, I couldn’t find anything on it - this is a bug with the folder/chapter selection. Or maybe a feature, although I can’t imagine why.

If you select a single chapter while its contents are collapsed, you see all the text sections of that chapter in the editor. Same if you click on the manuscript. If you ctrl/shift-select multiple chapters while their contents are collapsed, however, you see nothing in the editor - it’s as if there’s nothing in them. The corkboard works fine, though - the text sections are there under each chapter. At this point you can expand the chapters and see that only the chapter itself is selected for some reason, and not the text in it.

In order to see multiple chapters in the editor, you have to have those chapters expanded so that it will pick up the text as well when you ctrl-select or shift-select. At that point you can expand and collapse the chapters and the text will remain selected and visible.

I can throw a few screenshots in here if it’s not clear what I mean.