Selecting font with mouse in toolbar

When I try to select a font with the mouse, the list pops up but as soon as I release the mouse button, the font under the cursor is selected, not giving me a chance to choose the font I want to use.

It would also be nice if it were possible to click into the selector and start typing the font name rather than having a list pop up (see Word for the behavior I describe).

And I just wanted to say thanks for the continued hard work. I use Emacs for other things and attempted to switch to writing novels in it. It worked fine. Mostly. But the amount of effort (read elisp) that took and the amount of tiny bugs I continued to encounter made me appreciate how much work you guys have put into Scrivener (which I’ve now switched back to).

I just noticed this is also a problem when right-clicking on the current doc icon in the editor (to Lock in Place, Lock Inspector to Editor, etc)

I’m not seeing this behavior using a touchpad. Font selection and doc icon right-click working as normal.

What version of the beta are you on?

  1. I’m on a desktop pc, so not using a touchpad, just a regular mouse.

I’m using 44 and mouse and not having any problem with it. I right click move over to font and click on it bringing up the menu. Hovering the cursor within the box (not clicking) I’m able to use the scroll with no problem.

are you clicking or pressing the mouse key?