Selecting labels for 'Arrange by Labels'....?

Don’t know if I’m missing this (have searched through the forums) or it’s just not possible.

I love the Corkboard and Arrange by Labels…sometimes though I want to see only index cards for one or two or a few labels, and not all labels.

Is that possible?

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Project search or corkboard filtering are going to be better for showing a list of only the items that match a certain criteria, such as label colour. Refer to §11.3 and .4 in the user manual, for details on these features. Filtering only lets you pick one label at a time, but is easier to use when you want to filter the corkboard you’re already looking at. Project Search is more flexible, you can search for several labels at once, but requires a little more setup to constrain itself to just one area of the binder. The “Search Binder Selection Only” setting, in the magnifying glass menu, is how you would limit where it looks for matches.

Hi AmberV,

and many thanks for getting back to me.

You’re right of course and project search is more flexible and allows me to search for more than one label. Unfortunately this only partly solves my problem…when I hit the ‘show the contents of the current list in the current editor’, if the editor is the corkboard then I get the index cards there, which is great.
And, when I hit the ‘Arrange by label’ button I can see these cards arranged on their label ‘line’/chord/stream/?.
But, I also get all the other coloured label lines showing, even though there are no cards strung on them because I didn’t search for them.

I realise it’s only a distraction and not a huge issue, it would just be nice if I only saw what I wanted to see…in case you were wondering, the reason I do this is because the different labels represent different plot lines, and it’s good to be able to get an idea of how index cards/scenes from different plot lines are interspersed and relate with each other. Another example may be that the labels represent different points of view, and this would give me a very quick and easy visual way of seeing whether I’m giving reasonably equal importance, and at regular intervals, to the different points of view.

Thank you in any case, and if nothing else I learned about the filter which I’d never used before :slight_smile:
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Oh! I see what you meant, you are looking for a way of actually filtering the tracks themselves to Arrange by Label, to only those presently used in the view. I can see the appeal of that, I’ll put it on the list for consideration as kind of optional setting for that view, maybe as a button in the footer bar. It definitely could not be the way this feature works naturally, as the intended design of it is to make it easy to assign items to labels with simple drag and drop. If you don’t show all the rails, you defeat that purpose.

Hi AmberV,

and thanks for putting it on a list. Would be great to have if possible.

And I’ve never assigned labels that way, clicking and dragging across streams - must try that :slight_smile:
(I’ve tended to assign labels in the binder or outline mode)

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