Selecting multiple documents without subdocuments

I have a series of documents. Each one is a summary of a longer document. I have the original text in a subdocument under each of the summaries. When I select one of the summary documents, all I see is the summary, but if I select two summary documents, I see not two summaries one after the other, but the original text from the subdocuments after each summary.

Is there a way to select multiple documents without seeing the subdocuments?

I know that I can do this with compile, but what I want to do is just look at two summaries one after the other within the editor without seeing the original text that is in the subdocuments.

Version: Beta (476684) 64-bit

Even if I put the final documents in a collection by themselves and then select multiple, I still get the subdocuments in the editor window.

What happens if you deselect scrivenings mode, up where you can choose between Editor, Outline, Corkboard, i.e click again on the Editor icon? Clicking on the Editor make it alter between single document and scrivenings mode.