Selecting Project Statistics closes Scrivener

I have the full version of Scriv for Windows and one thing I’ve noticed is that when I select Project Statistics in the project menu, Scrivener closes. I tried selecting Project Statistics three times, and each time Scrivener closed. I’m assuming this is a bug because Scrivener shouldn’t be behaving this way.

Yeah, that sounds like it might be crashing. What happens if you try to compile? Use File/Compile... and don’t bother with any settings, just click the Compile button and see if it closes again.

Yep, it’s closing when I try to compile too, which is strange. I installed the NaNoWriMo template yesterday and Project statistics and compile didn’t behave like this (for what it’s worth).

Okay, that narrows it down a bit. Statistics runs a compile in the background to get a more accurate page count, so it sounds like the root problem is something in the compiling process rather than the statistics panel. The next thing to check would be to create a new blank project; nothing in it at all, and just run compile with that and see if it crashes.

huh. Didn’t crash that time. I tried un-installing and re-installing, just for kicks to see if it would fix the problem, but I still seem to be having the issue on this one particular file. Any other file I’ve created in the various beta stages don’t crash like this one file does. Could it just be that this file has been corrupted somehow?

Yeah, that’s what I’m guessing, though I wouldn’t hazard to say it is actually corruption at this point; I wouldn’t want to unduly concern you. It could be that everything is just fine in the project, but the problem is with the software’s interpretation of something that you’ve done. The next thing to check is whether this is something specific to a format or not. Try compiling as RTF, PDF, and TXT (plain-text) and see if any of those work. This isn’t meant to be a suggestion for a work-around, but rather just to determine if it is format related problem or not.

Running compile on the test document seems to run without a hitch for Plain Text, PDF and RTF. I tried running compile on my problem document and File -->Compile, or clicking the compile icon, crashes the program. Sorry if this doesn’t help much. :confused:

Okay, sorry I wasn’t clear. Go ahead and set aside the test file; we’ve already determined that it isn’t a general problem with compile on your computer and is something specific with this project. I’m curious to see if the project compiles with any of the suggested formats, or if they crash with all of them.

I can’t even get to the compile window to select a format to compile to in the problem project. I click compile and the program crashes.

Ah! Interesting, okay. Would this be something you wouldn’t mind us taking a look at? We will of course keep whatever you send confidential and delete it from our systems once the problem has been analysed. If that is agreeable to you; close the project and in Explorer right-click on the whole “.scriv” folder and Send To/Compressed (zipped) folder. If the resulting file is less than around 20mb, e-mail a copy of it to support [at] literatureandlatte [dot] com. If it is larger, send me an e-mail with this thread URL pasted into it so I know it’s you, and I’ll set you up with a Dropbox share.

I’ve sent an email with the project attatched and I’ve linked back to this thread in the body just so they have a reference for what’s going on. Look forward to having this problem resolved, and thanks for your help!

Butting in here, because this sounds like a bug that was fixed. You said you’ve got the full version of Scrivener–just to be clear on this, you uninstalled any existing betas and then downloaded and installed 1.0? Or did you just enter registration details into a beta version? If the latter, please backup your projects and then uninstall your current version and install 1.0 to give this a try again. Uninstalling will clear your preference settings, so you will need to redo those, but this will ensure you don’t have any lingering issues from an earlier beta. No projects will be harmed in the making of this upgrade; the “Recent Projects” list will get cleared, however, so you’ll need to open the projects for the first time around by using the “Open Existing Projects” button. If you’re not sure where you saved your projects, try running a Windows search for “.scriv” and checking the file path. By default Scrivener would have prompted you to create your projects in your Documents folder, but you may have chosen another location.

I figured out the problem. I went into the Docs sub-folder and found that, for some reason, there were old project files in there that were floating around. When I deleted these files, compile and project statistics work just fine. For whatever reason, my computer had saved scrivener projects (possibly old versions of the file?) in that folder, but once I deleted them, Scrivener started working.