Selecting text in Composition Mode

This may not be a bug. But it changed, it would make things much less annoying.

It appears that when Composition Made is invoked, it takes two clicks to place the cursor the first time or if clicking back into the CM editor panel from another panel, such as the Linguistic Focus panel.

This does not seem very friendly.

Assume I select something in the Linguistic Focus panel while in Composition Mode. Now, when I click inside the text, it does not place the cursor. It just activates that window. I have to click a second time to place the cursor for editing.

Since every other Mac app and interface in the world places the cursor on one click, we are habituated to assume that a single click will work in CM. It does not.

The end result is we think we have the cursor placed, but we don’t. So we start typing, and the doc jumps to wherever the cursor was last, and screws up whatever was typed there.

Talk about shooting one’s self in the foot.

What would be the problem with once the pointer arrow is hovering above the text, making Scrivener smart enough to understand that the reason the pointer arrow is hovering there is because we will soon be placing the cursor in that text window panel. IOW, it should know that a single click means both ‘activate (give focus to) this panel now’ and ‘place the cursor right here’.