Selecting text using kybd v. tpad in Scrivenings mode

Create a folder and populate it with a few documents (say, five) that each contain some text. Use Scrivenings mode. Position the insertion point cursor in one of the documents in the middle of the Scrivenings (say, the second document of the five).

Select text using the keyboard: use shift-down arrow to select text from the insertion point downward.

Result: Text selection stops at the end of the document that has the editing focus (the second document).

My expectation is that selecting text with the keyboard would give the same result as selecting text using the trackpad, where text selection continues past the currently selected document and into the next, and the next, as far as you want to go, until you reach the end of the last document and there is no more text to select.

Am I missing something? Is this behavior by design?

Using Scrivener 2.4.1 on 10.6.8 on MacBook Pro 5,2.


Yes, this is by design. Because you can’t edit across document boundaries, this is to prevent situations where you might try to edit and be disallowed. For instance, if you triple-clicked the last paragraph, normally that would select the return character after it, but because that is part of the separator, you then wouldn’t be able to edit. So selection is limited in such cases to end before the separator.

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I’m not sure I understand. I get that editing across document boundaries in Scrivenings mode can’t be done.

I would expect each method of selecting text – using the keyboard and using the trackpad – to show the same behavior, but they do not:

  • selecting text using the keyboard does not extend across the document boundary, but
  • selecting text using the trackpad can extend across all document boundaries, from the insertion point cursor all the way to the end of the last document in Scrivening mode, to or any point between.

And, here’s another twist that I just stumbled upon:

  1. In Scrivenings mode, select the text of a document using shift-down arrow.
  2. With the shift key still down, use the trackpad and drag from just after the selected text down past the end of the document. You can cross multiple document boundaries and stop at any point.

Maybe this is a bit trivial but it seems a bit inconsistent, and it would be convenient to be able to select multiple documents using the keyboard. If that’s not possible, no biggie.


As I say, the reason is to ensure that you can still edit the last paragraph when triple-clicking to select it, which only affects keyboard navigation.

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