Selecting two docs and reformatting

I apologise in advance there will now follow a deluge of questions about things that have been bugging me - grateful for any quick pointers. And yes I have had a quick (and sometimes not so quick) look around to see if I can find the answers…

OK first one…

I have some 150 documents making up the old story - some written in Word, some elsewhere and some in Scrivener. They all ended up with different formatting - font, font size, line spacing, etc.

I always wanted to be able to pull docs into a Scrivening and just select them all and reformat them.

I am probably dumb but if I do Ctrl A all that gives me is selecting all the content of the current document and not the other documents I have Scriveninged (?) (past tense please!)

Is there a way of doing this.



Yes, this is easy to do. We have a special tool for it, because this is as you can imagine a common problem. Just select all of the imported documents in the Binder and use [b]Documents/Convert/Formatting to Default Text Style[/b]. It will ask how pervasively you wish to change the formatting, but what will not be changed in most cases are inline formatting like italics and bold.

Thanks I will try it out :slight_smile:

Thinking about it a bit more I REALLY do not like this. I don’t want to have to set everything to default I want to be able to set it to what I want to now - I might want something else tomorrow or this afternoon.

And I hate not being able to just do a Ctrl A and get everything selected in a Scrivening.

I do a lot of my final editings in Word and would love to be able to just select, copy and paste five or six documents into Word. As it is I have to use compile which is very clunky (I don’t think you can compile just the selected documents) and then if I try to export RTF’s they do not export correctly (cannot remember what the problems are - I think all the highlighting gets lost). So I end up copying over one doc at a time… which is a fag, a pain and a nuisance… but I am just grumpy tonight. But seriously though why on earth can’t Ctrl A highlight a whole Scrivening - if you wanted just the one document you could be in just the one document!!