Selection issues when using Collections

I’m using the most up-to-date Windows 64 beta. This is a new problem for me, but I also haven’t used Scrivener in the last three months.

I’m having a problem selecting items (folders and documents) when moving between collections, and when moving from the binder to a collection (but not when moving from a collection back to the binder).

The issue is that the first item I click on doesn’t appear in the main window–I’m left looking at the previous item I had selected, no matter how many times I click on the item I want. The item I want to view is highlighted in the bar on the left as if it’s selected, but the text doesn’t appear. If I click on the document displayed in the main window, the text stays the same, but the bar on the left jumps to highlight that document.

The only solution is to click on a different item in my “target” collection, in which case the main window displays selected items as normal, and I can move between the items in that collection as usual. However, if I want to edit a document in another collection, I can only open the second item I try.

This might be related: [url][LH4635] Search function issues in RC8]

Yep, sounds like basically the same behavior. (In fact, I was able to replicate the other user’s issue.)

Since it sounds like they’ve fixed the other issue for the next release candidate, they may have incidentally fixed mine, as well.