Selection of a folder in the binder jumps the viewing position to the bottom of the pane.

Hi, I have searched this forum reasonably comprehensively to see if anyone has a similar problem but cannot find anything.

In the template “Non Fiction Format”, when I click on a folder in the binder, it immediately drops to the bottom of the screen. This occurs in both Draft and Research, but only for folders past the bottom of the screen when the pane must move the top item of the binder upward and out of view in order to display the selected folder lower down.

Clicking “Reveal in Binder” returns it to the centre of the binder temporarily but it drops back to the bottom immediately any other activity occurs in the binder.

Is there a way to fix the position of the selected folder at the centre of the binder pane? I find the sudden dropping very disconcerting.
Thanks. JT