Selection Sets

Hi – loved software makes one dream up more features. Here are two I’d loved to see:

– like many writers, I have hundreds of docs in my projects. I make extensive use of colours and icons to differentiate what each doc is doing in the story, but it would be so helpful to be able to save selection states. I find myself cmd-clicking the same documents over and over – a subplot that I want to look at collected, for example. It would be great to be able to save each of those selection sets as I build them…

– along those same lines - when doing a compile, I’ll have numerous, alternate documents, and when I do a compile, I’ll have to comb through the project and pick out the versions of each document that I want to include. Depending on use, these selections change. I’d love to be able save those different compile states – the different versions of how the book might play, the script that I’ve woven through out the novel, the short story that I want to pull out of the bigger novel.

Goes to show how great Scrivener is – these are truly the only things missing for me and my workflow!


Hi zampana,

Thanks for the kind words.

For the first point, have you tried adding these documents to your list of “Favourites” (in the Documents menu). Anything in that list appears at the top of all menus that list documents (Go To etc).

Also, Collections may be handy for both points - have you tried using the Collections feature? You could build a collection of documents you are using at the moment, or ones you want to compile for different versions; or you could use a search collection to search by meta-data and then compile that.

Also, in Compile you can use the “Filter” options at the bottom of the “Contents” pane to filter by label or status, so you could use these to determine your different versions and then filter to compile only the ones you want to compile at any given time.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

All suggestions help and are exactly what I’m looking for – only really came to understand the power of collections a few weeks ago and now can’t live without them. Will look into the compile filtering but that sounds like what I’m looking for.