Selections Bug

Bugs Scrivener 1.2.1 for iOS.
I am a registered user of Scrivener 1 for iPad Pro for about two years.
I have an iPad Pro 10.5" (I guess it is 2017).
I use Scrivener as my default app and will only go to Windows Laptop to finalise the spellcheck and conversion to ebooks or to format for publishing.

I found the following problems that drive me to insanity:
• Selections.
o When I touch the screen where I want a selection to start or where I want the cursor to be, the cursor appear, but the program sometimes does not allow me to make another cursor point close to it. I can toes a hundred times where I want it, but to no avail. I must move the cursor far away and come back. I move it easier with the left and right arrow of the virtual keyboard.
o When you select to change the font to Italic or bold, the page jumps to another page while still selected. It is sometimes difficult to deselect.
o Selection sometimes get stuck and you cannot move the end point of the selection. I must minimise the app first to get out of it.
o Selection sometimes are over sensitive and selects several lines on its own, without me getting it under control.
• Split.
o It is very difficult to place the cursor correctly if you want to activate the split function.
o Sometimes you get it where you want the split to start, but the split menu does not activate.
o It is easier to press return several lines before the start point of the split and select the split start point on the open line.
• Search
o The search function sometimes will not activate.

I have found over-sensitive selection to be related to palm rejection/unintended touch.

A few tips for selection and cursor placement:

  • Rather than trying to aim perfectly for placement, hold and drag the cursor until it is in the right spot.
  • Tap and drag with two fingers anywhere in the keyboard area to move the cursor around somewhat like you would with a mouse. With this you can usually get the cursor placed right where you want it.
  • From there, double-tap and drag with two fingers in the keyboard area to extend the selection from word under the cursor point. This is usually faster than dragging the selection itself on the screen, because the sensitivity is higher.