Selective Autocorrect

This may have been asked before, but I couldn’t find it.

It seems that the autocorrect feature on Scrivener has two options: “Off” and “Attempt to correct everything regardless to whether you want it corrected or not.”
Is there a way to selectively correct things? The example I’m most faced with is when I really get into typing fast, I frequently type “adn.” When that happens, I always mean to type “and,” and I’d like to have that autocorrected so I don’t have to stop, but I don’t want something like, “Handley” automatically changed to “handle.”

Enable additional substitutions and add your common typo to the substitutions list, as follows.
In Scrivener, go into Tools > Options > Corrections and

  • Click “Enable additional substitutions”
  • Click “Edit Substitutions” and add the common typo and its replacement.