Selective blank titles


I’ve recently upgraded to version 2 and very happy with it. The one thing I can’t figure out is how to selectively leave titles blank. I usually have a lead-in section on chapters, an introduction, which I don’t want to title “Introduction” immediately after the chapter title. I want to leave that blank, but Scrivener inserts a “Untitled Document” title for me. I want to leave that out, but I can only activate/deactivate all titles at the same “level” as the introduction (one below the chapter level).

Can I do this?

Author “Agile Game Development with Scrum”

At the same level? I don’t think so. But all you have to do is make the untitled documents be children of the titled ones, so that you have a level you can select for titles, and another where titles are not added.

If you’re creating a document that has titled sections in your chapters, you can differentiate those from the untitled sub-documents by putting the titled sections into a folder inside your chapter folder.

Something like:

F)Titled Chapter
->D) untitled introduction (document in the Chapter folder)
–>D)Titled section (sub-document of untitled introduction)
–>D)Titled Section
F)Titled Chapter
->D) untitled intro

… where “F” is a folder, “D” is a document, and the arrows -> represent a level of indentation in the binder. Note that you can make documents be the parent of other documents, which is why this works. You can also make the untitled intros be folders with text in them, and set folders at that level to not have titles, like this:

F)Titled Chapter
->F) untitled introduction (document in the Chapter folder)
->D)Titled section (sub-document of untitled introduction)
->D)Titled Section
F)Titled Chapter
->F) untitled intro

Thanks. The first solution is structurally incorrect for my project since the other chapter sections are not subordinate to the introduction. The exported document has to be structurally correct for my publisher. Manually deleting occurrences of “Untitled Document” from every manuscript I send would be easier.

The second solution had more promise and I tried it, but I can’t avoid the problem of disabling a titles on a level of indentation that I need elsewhere. If I could disable titles on “folders with text in them”, that might to the trick, but the Compile->Formatting options doesn’t provide controls for those (bug?).


I am creating that effect in my current project by putting the lead-in section directly in the containing folder (actually, I let all the parts be files/documents, not folders).

D)Titled Chapter (contains untitled introductory text)
–>D)Titled section
–>D)Titled Section

I am using the MMD to LaTeX compile option, and this produces the result that I want. I haven’t explored working with the other compile options very much, but it seems like it should work. Although maybe it wouldn’t preserve the structure you need for your publisher? Anyway, just throwing it out there.

That did it.


Since folders are really just documents with a different name, you can mix and match.

In my thesis, every section that I want to have a title I make a folder, everything else is a document. In compile settings you can change the behaviour for each, so I have set the compile to give folders a title, but not documents. Works perfectly and I don’t have to worry about the structural levels - the compile setting will be determined by whether you have defined a section of text as a folder or text. One of the many strokes of brilliance within Scrivener.