Selective compiling

Currently, the only way to select which documents to include in the compile is to go to the Inspector and toggle “Include in Compile” for each and every document.

I’d like to make a feature request for a second way that Scrivener for iOS could support “selective compiling” of any single or multiple documents, even if not in the same folder.

The Binder allows us to click “Edit’, and then choose individual documents. When these are checked, we are given options to move, duplicate, merge, or trash those documents.

I wonder whether a future version might allow us to batch “Compile” only the documents selected in the Binder, whether it is a single document or many. As I imagine it, this would be a single event, such that it would not affect the Inspector setting “Include in Compile” for the regular way of compiling. (Or, maybe, it could.) Thank you for considering this, and for the excellent software.

Scrivener’s binder is quite flexible, but there are a few things that you can’t easily do with it. Enter Collections. By customizing the icon bar you can add the collections icon. With collections, you can create endless collections––although few authors need more than a couple.
Click on Collections and the binder pane changes and Collections is at the top. With the name is a plus and minus sign. As you would expect, plus create a new collection and minus deletes an existing one.
After you have created a collection, you can click on the binder bar below the collections bar and see the binder contents again. You then can drag any items from the binder into a collection.
When you want to compile, you now can filter - including documents in collection named-collection. This means that you could make several books out of the same binder with differing contents. For example, in your eBook you want some color photos but you don’t want them in your paperback version.
Again keep-it-simple is good advice. It would be easy to over-use collections to solve a problem of bad book design.

… but there areno Collections in iOS Scrivener, is there?

It is indeed the iOS version that I was referring to, where there are no collections.

(Many thanks, DavidWSnow, for the MacOS version tip, all the same.)