Selective delete from trash

Would be nice (probably for me and no-one else) to have the option of just deleting single/multiple items from trash, without emptying the whole thing.

Couldn’t you just make another top-level folder next to the trash and drag everything you didn’t want to delete yet there?

Just a thought; I’ve never seen a program with a “selective trash”–it strikes me that you aren’t using the trash as a garbage, but as a temporary storage. Do you know any programs with a selective trash like you’re describing?

Actually, although I seem to have forgotten to respond (sorry Rayz), I did put this on the list of possibilities for 2.0. However, having gone through the list of things left to do and realised there was still months’ worth, I moved this off the 2.0 list to a possible 2.x refinement in the future. It’s certainly a nice idea, but as it’s not something that is common, I think it can wait for a future update when I have more time for minor refinements to 2.
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I’d like it as well, but not enough to delay 2.0.
It will make a nice extra in 2.x.


That’s what I did in the end, but from a single key press point of view, dumping stuff into the trash is quicker than dragging a file and hitting the folder. I’m more of a keyboard person I think.

Mmm … no, I’m using it as a wastepaper basket. I dump stuff in there I don’t need, until I discover I need it later :slight_smile: If I knew I’d need it later, then I’d put it in a folder

You mean like the Apple Mail application? :open_mouth:

No problem; it’s not exactly a show stopper.