Selective # text separator

Feature suggestion: When exporting to standard manuscript format, the default is to out a # in between consecutive text documents (‘scrivenings’, if I’m getting my terms right).

This is fine, and I realize I can change, or remove that # value.

My request is to have a means to selectively decide when to include the # or leave it blank.

Use case: I create a folder within my Manuscript Binder for each chapter. Within that chapter, I typically create several different scrrivenings. Some of these have a POV change, and therefore require a # to be put in. But others are just a continuation of scene and should not get a break.

How can I manually declare some scrivenings as requiring a # at the end, and others not?


Are your POV and non-POV shifts located on a different hierarchal level? If so you could probably just insert the divider into the title prefix for documents at the POV outline level.