Selective trash removal

Would be nice if it was possible to select items in the trash for permanent deletion, rather than emptying the trash be an all or nothing proposition.

Since I’m wishing, it would also be nice if it was possible to have a command that would delete an item permanently without first putting it in the trash.

But if given a choice between the two – the first, definitely.

(I’m not missing something, am I, and this is already possible?)

This is on the list of future possibilities.
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In the mean-time, you can create a “junk drawer” folder next to the trash. Before I empty the trash, I rummage through it and transfer anything documents I want to preserve into my junk drawer for later perusal.

Thanks, Keith.


Ya, that’s more or less what I’ve done. I have a folder for things that used to be “active” but that are now ready to be trashed, and I will put those items in there manually. The actual Trash folder I’m using for things that have no value at all, like accidental or test items… which I’ve had a lot of as I get to know how things work.

Intuitively, I would have expected plain Delete to do what Shift-Delete does, and that the latter would be for either deleting while bypassing the Trash folder altogether (that’s how the Windows Recycle bin works) and/or for selective deletion from the Trash folder.

The ctl-del was added as a user request due to the fact that it can be easy to forget which pane has focus. You my think you are about to delete a letter in the editor, when you accidentally delete a file from the binder. And if you are like me, you figure “stupid me, I hit the wrong button” and boom, there goes another file. And another. And another.

At the time scriv was mac only and the cmd-del was the mac norm for “move me to trash” while del is “remove text”.

At least that’s how I remember it happening. KB will likely point out that I am terribly wrong, but I’m married and used to being wrong.

Yes, I figured it was something like that,

I do appreciate that in the Scrivener environment, where the edit pane is in the same frame as the doc list pane, pane focus can be tricky. I’ve found myself starting to type in the binder pane thinking I was in edit.

Such a permanent deletion function would destroy my piece of mind while working with Scrivener. If ever they add a feature to let one permanently delete a file with one action, I’ll be begging for a way to disable it so that I can’t ever accidentally invoke it. Even an “are you sure?” window isn’t proof against having a bad day, or a sluggish computer glitch that has me hitting ENTER for some other interaction with the program, but which clicks the “Yes, Delete” button. I would want a preferences setting to remove it from the menus and to disable any keyboard shortcut associated with it.

I share your instinct to protect yourself from yourself.

But what you’re objecting to as permanent deletion via one action is pretty much how the Trash folder works now, and how all trash folders ultimately work: it’s where things are collected for permanent deletion – unless the folder it’s never emptied at all and grows indefinitely.

I can understand some objection to having the ability to delete and bypass the trash folder altogether. Yet in some ways, that becomes more desirable by the current all or nothing method for clearing out the Trash folder.

I’m paranoiacally cautious and back up like a fiend, but I’m always generating items of one kind or another that I know, for certain, beyond any possible doubt, can be deleted permanently. In fact, doing so makes the Recycle bin easier to scan and rummage through when something gets non-permanently deleted by accident.

In any case, selective deletion from a trash folder seems like an obvious thing to be able to do, despite its permanence. On balance it would add a degree of safety, rather than risk, to the current system.

Not exactly; Action 1: send to trash folder, Action 2: empty trash. So being able to select a file anywhere in the binder, without first putting something in the trash (as you put it in the original post) and obliterate it is what I’m objecting to. Selectively deleting files that are already in the trash; I have zero objections to that.

I’m sorry I didn’t make that clear.