Selective word counts (based on text styles)

Ive been using Scrivener for a little while now, mainly for writing papers and the like. Now a couple of the journals and conferences i have written for have different word count requirements for their articles. One in particular, and this is congruent with my Masters stuff, doesn’t want block quotes counted in the overall word count.

Ive already setup a block quote formatting setting in Scrivener, and currently I merely subtract the quotes from the overall count. However, i was wondering if there would be any way to simply get the word count to ignore the formatting preset?

You can’t ignore a formatting preset, but you can ignore specific documents. So your best bet would be to put the blockquotes in separate documents, then exclude those documents from Compile. The Project Statistics options let you decide whether or not to include excluded documents in your count.

Just don’t forget to add the blockquotes back in when you’re ready to ship the manuscript off!


Hm, that does seem like quite a clunky option. Currently i am merely increasing the word count targets based on the block quotes, which overall is a much easier setup than multiple documents and flows better when writing on the fly.

Another thing you could do is put the block quotes into an inline annotation; you will need to set them to black so that they do not compile out with colours. There are several places where annotations can be ignored from a wordcount. When you click on the footer bar in an editor, for instance, it will calculate the count sans annotations. Project Statistics can also be set up to exclude annotations from the count. To handle this in compilation, you would visit the Footnotes/Comments compile option pane and make sure annotations are not removed, and that no enclosing markers are used.

This technique will work in combination with Preserve Formatting, if you are using that to retain block quote styling after compiling.

Hm, thats a really good method. Except for one problem: inline annotations cannot have footnotes attached. Footnotes are quite critical for being able to cite references. :frowning: