Selectively treating a document as subsection or paragraph

I’m writing a thesis. In some parts I’m writing sciencey stuff and I have a great idea how to outline that. In other parts I’m gathering summaries of papers I read but I’m messing around with the argumentation.

In those parts where I do know the argumentation I tend to keep each narrative in a document and put that document where it belongs in the outline. In the other parts, where I’m not sure, yet, about the argumentation, I’d like to keep pieces of it in single documents. E.g. one paper summary per document, so that I can use the cork board to move them around into something that makes sense from a writing point of view (e.g. first the old things, then the new ones).

Now, when I compile the project I’d like the former documents (with complete narratives) to start with their title (I’m compiling to LaTeX so they should start with \section{…}, a thing I already do have working). Those smaller snippets, though, that I’m still moving around, should not get their title printed, since the title is just a short summary that I use to work with them in cork boad view.

I know that I can selectively include a document in the compiled output, but can I also somehow specify how to proceed with the title?


+- Widgets
   +- Widgets are cool
   +- Widgets might be cool
   +- Widgets might be overrated
   +- Users don't understand widgets
+- Thingies
+- Conclusion

In this example, I’d like to treat “Thingies” and “Conclusion” as proper sections, complete with TOC entry and title before the text (and a “\subsection{}” pre- and suffix). The documents under “Widgets”, though", are just single paragraphs. I don’t know the order of them in the final text, yet, so they should be compiled as plain paragraphs (i.e. w/o their titles and without title prefix and suffix).

How can I accomplish this besides editing the compiled text?

To be clear, you want to format the titles & prefixes the same for “Thingies”, “Conclusion”, AND “Widgets”, but not the documents under/in “Widgets”?

If that’s the case, then you’d want to create a new “Level 2+” document line in the Formatting section of the compile window. In there, you’d un-check the Title box, and then strip out the “Chapter <$t>” (or similar) prefix/suffix.

If that’s Greek to you, then you’ll need to learn a bit more about what “levels” mean when it comes to documents in your Draft/Manuscript folder, and what the 3 different icons mean in the Formatting pane of compile. I’d check the manual for the compile settings, and/or the videos relevant to compiling to start, and then come back with any questions.

Hi, Robert. Thanks for the super-fast reply. Yes, this is what I’d like to have. But!
My paragraph documents (those that are not to get title formatted in the output) are sometimes on level 2 and sometimes on 3, but might as well be on level 4. The same is true for the “section” documents that are supposed to be output with their title formatted. So I somehow have to configure this selection in the document itself.

E.g. is there a way to mark the title (like, using a “#” prefix) so say “do not include in output”?

Sorry, I don’t know a lot about LaTex, so my “advice” is going to be pretty spotty; but ignorance has rarely stopped me providing advice, so why start now? :stuck_out_tongue:

You could put # or any other pattern in the document names that you don’t want on your final output, and then use some kind of script to filter them out before running them through your LaTex files. Getting rid of CHAPTER X prefixes on a separate line could be difficult though.

What happens to the latex code if you mark “compile as-is” on those paragraph documents? Would the fonts used in scrivener interfere with the formatting you want for them in Latex? As-is will strip out title & prefixes, I believe…

Hi, Robert! Awesome! As-is actually does what I need. The text label in the German version doesn’t really convey its meaning - I never even considered trying it. Thanks a million!