Self introduction … B00CXGDWEK

I have been doing well with my first book which I self published. Every month I have sold 40 to 50 copies a day with almost no promotion.

When I a was a member of the CA State Grange’s Environmental Affairs Committee I completed two responses to Federal Proposals, one on the Oregon Silverspot Butterfly and the other on the Snowy Plover. Each had an impact on the outcome of the proposals.

Pelican Bay Guard is a romp through my 18 years as a Correctional Officer at California’s notorious Pelican Bay State Prison.

Looking for an easier path to e-publishing I stumbled up Scrivener and now I am using it to create “Tom, and Rick Hunt the West” a multi media project that spoofs Hunting Shows, and anti-hunting prejudice in a style that in a pale way continues the tradition of Gonzo Journalism.

Wish me luck.

Rick McNamara

Young Master Rick,
Having joined the crew of Scrivener, you are going to need all the luck you can muster.

Once you have met other members of Scrivener’s crew, you can take it as a given, that you’ll see those good folk, the inmates at Pelican Bay State Prison, in an altogether different light… even rue the day you said your goodbyes.

Good Luck, young sir.