Semi-Fixed window size

Running on Ubuntu 10.10 the Scrivener window has a minimum vertical size which is too large (800 pixels I’m guessing, on my 1366x768 laptop screen). Not going to affect a huge number of users obviously, but it makes the program unusable if the window is maximized because every click inside the window causes the window to move up and down shifting the portion which is out of view (this second part may also be related to another poster’s reported window management problem bug).

Yeah…if they’re going to do a linux version, I think having settings for netbooks would be a really good idea. (Hell, even for the amount of windows people with netbooks.)

Incidentally the windows beta running in wine does not have this problem, which leads me to conclude that this should be a relatively easy fix (since I’m assuming that this means it’s not restricted to 800 vertical pixels by design).

I have the same problem in Ubuntu 10.04, and because the bottom of the window extends off screen, I can’t see or access the controls at the bottom of the window.

Okay, never mind. I just checked the 1.9 beta and the window size is fully adjustable and I see the bottom of the window. Good work guys!

Have you got the inspector panel showing?

I’m using 1.9 and I can resize the window fully when the inspector is hidden, but when I show the inspector the window suddenly resizes itself so it no longer fits on the screen.

Same for me. As far as I can tell the bug still exists.

This bug is definately still around in beta 20.

To reitterate - the Window size (when not maximised) will not go below a certain size when the Inspector is open, and this minimum is too big for my laptop and this pretty damn annoying :slight_smile: You can reduce the size as long as the Inspector is hidden, but as soon as you turn it back on the Scrivener window jumps back to being too big.