Sending an entire file of PDFs

I have a research file full of PDFs, that I’d like to compress and send to someone. Any ideas on how to do this with a minimum of hassle?


I presume you wish to send the whole project? I’m not quite sure what is meant by a “file of PDFs”. If you do wish to just send the whole project (draft and all), then use the File/Back Up/Back Up To... menu command, and enable the Zip compression option when saving it.

I don’t want to send the whole project, just the research file. I’ll try what you suggested, though.


So by file do you mean a particular folder of PDFs within the project? In that case you would want to select the folder in the binder and use File/Export/Files... get the PDFs out. This will create a folder on your computer. You’d have to right-click on it in Finder to compress it and send it out.

What I suggested will be a full copy of the entire project. It’s mostly useful for backups (obviously), but also useful if you wish to send the entire project to a colleague or something.

Gotta love how the metaphor confuses things, because in the real world, if you ask someone to “Get the Penske file”, they’ll bring you a folder with stuff in it, not just a single document from that folder, whereas in computer speak, the “Penske” file might be a docx file, and if you asked someone to send you the Penske folder, they’d try to drag the entire directory named “Penske files” into an email composition window.

“File Folders” are what most people call a physical folder that they put into a drawer. I bet to most non-technophiles, the words “file” and “folder” are synonyms. It’s confusing for a lot of people; my wife doesn’t even understand what I’m talking about when I say “directory tree”, which is yet another way of referencing a bunch of nested folders.

Yeah, I’ve never been a big fan of “files and folders”. The Windows and UNIX ‘directory’ is essentially just jargon, but is less confusing once you know it. Anyway, that’s why I prefer ‘items’ or ‘documents’, and ‘containers’, because nested containers make all kinds of sense. My potato salad is in a container which is in a bigger container called a refrigerator which is in my apartment container. Nested folders though? Who does that!