Sending readers to your iBookstore book

Apple has a website that lists books in its iBookstore, but in the past, I’ve not found a way to discover what that webpage link is to give out. With their new iBooks app, which ships with the Mavericks upgrade, We now have a way.

  1. Find your book in iBooks.

  2. Control Click on the book’s title and select “Copy Link.”

  3. Paste that link any place you want. It links to a browser webpage for your book.

That’s good, because many people prefer to check things out in their browser before committing to buy in an app. From the webpage they can click on a blue button to “View in iBooks.” That’s much easier than telling them how to find the book in iBooks itself.

Ah! While writing this I discovered that once in iBooks, potential readers will find a Get Sample button. Click on that, and the sample downloads and the button becomes a Read Sample button. Clicking on that opens the book in iBooks.

That’s good news because it means that those who come across mention of your book on a website can click on a link there, go to Apple’s webpage for your book, click to find it in iBooks and then download a sample for viewing–all in just a few seconds. Before, it’s been very hard to guide them along that path because if they came across mention of your book on a Mac, they had to pull out their iPhone or iPad and manually find your book there. There was no viewing of samples on Macs. This not only makes sampling books in the iBookstore possible on a Mac, it makes it easy.

If you’ve upgraded to Mavericks, you can check out the entire process with one of my books: … 6827?mt=11

–Mike Perry