Sending Scrivener notes with Jott

I’ve enjoyed a nice service call Jott ( that gives you an 800-number to call, lets you speak any kind of message, transcribes it to text, and sends it to whomever (e.g., yourself) you want in an email. I’m horrible at losing notebooks, scraps, etc., and this lets me record ideas when I have them and then find them typed up nicely in email whenever I get around to looking at it. Jott can record 30 seconds, which is a nice chunk of text, and its speech recognition is good.

So, I’m wondering if anyone here might be using Jott this way: have Mail run a script when a Jott comes into a particular mailbox and then load that message into a particular folder in Scrivener.

I can drag stuff around manually, but it this would be a nice to have.

(Working on this idea also abets my procrastination 8) )