This a newbie question. Apologies if the answer is obvious but I want to be sure I get the final stage right.
I’ve written my book, and after a lot of struggling, I have compiled it to look as I want it. Now I need to send it to agent/publisher. What is the best way to do this? I have experimented by trying to send a copy to muself to open on my iPad. But it is too large to send as an attachment to an email. Should I send it as a zip file or is there another way of doing this? Advice would be much appreciated.

For sending large files—in my case videos—I use Simple, and free use allows up to 2GB in one go though the recipient’s have 7 days to download the files.



What does the recipient want? Many publishers are very specific about submission requirements and will just discard anything that doesn’t follow their rules.

If you have a pre-existing relationship, ask them. If you don’t, check their website for submission instructions.