Sente, Spotlight integration

Since I come from a Word + Endnote combination to Scrivener for writing my thesis, I have to add a “relationship” with any of the suggested softwares would be useful for academic writers. Naturally, I understand that this won’t happen tomorrow or next month necessarily.

I’m not a technical person, so I can only describe what I’m used to and what I find useful. I can’t offer suggestions on how to do this.

In Word, I was able to access my endnote references from a menu within Word itself or from Endnote, and send references to my document in two related ways. For one, I could add a reference next to a piece of text, e.g. text (Smith, A. 1984). At the same time, since this was formatted in a style, it would automatically be added to an optional bibliography-field at the end of the document.

The Endnote + Word combo was buggy as hell, and, from what I understand, mostly due to a lack of work on the Endnote-side. I would for that reason not suggest to working on integrating Endnote, ever. Still, it would be great if I could send reference in specific formatting and have scrivener recognise this and format this into a bibliography.

I don’t think there is a need for Scrivener to do all the management itself, as it would a. be a bother to implement and b. would probably make exporting/compatibility more difficult. Maybe if scripting was in some way possible, the user-community could come up with good solutions themselves. But that’s a whole other can of worms.

Thanks for your thoughts - all is being taken into consideration.

For the record, Apple-scriptability and Automator-compatibility are on the list of things to address in the future - not the immediate future, but definitely things I want to address in the long-term.


Due to future versions of MS Office for Macs shipping without support for VBA macros this breaks many programs ways to interact with Word in particular. Now many developers are looking for alternatives and Sente will in its next version V5 introduce plain text placeholder citations. These will later on be scanned and converted into in-text citations and bibliography according to the style you specify.
So a basic interoperability will be there in the future without Keith doing anything :smiley: and it will look like this. As soon as an RTF version of the text can be exported from Scrivener, Sente has all the information it needs to do the conversion. I am not sure if this scanning can be done by Sente itself or whether Mellel will be needed, though, that is for the Sente people to answer. It makes only sense to include this scanning in Sente but that’s me.
Thank you Mr Gates!

One of the things that come to mind for further streamlining Scriveners use (version 1.5) in academia and research (yes, the other half of my ego is busy doing that) is of course exchanging manuscripts with collaborators using other writing tools while still retaining most of the metadata inside Scrivener upon re-import. MMD could be the key here but I am still inverstigating myself.
Until you are ready, Keith, to tackle this issue I will have developed a workflow for myself that I will happily discuss.


PS: For further explanations take a lok at this post of mine over at the Sente forum. Warning: Contains some shameless Scrivener advertising. … age=0#2164