Sente users: Exporting notes to Scrivener (RTF and OPML)

In case there are any Sente and Scrivener users who do not frequent the Sente forums, I thought I’d post this here…

I have created an Applescript to export notes from the bibliography program Sente to OPML or RTF format. Sente allows storing notes taken on PDFs in the biblography library, and I use the script to export the notes, which are then imported into Scrivener. I display them as note cards usually for reference while writing my manuscripts.

The import is done by selecting the Research folder in the binder, and then select File > Import > Files… OPML exports will be imported into a folder with the name “Sente Notes Export” - the RTF files will import into a folder with the Sente citation ID (usually the Author Year). You should use RTF if you want to retain any formatting in the notes, otherwise, I think OPML is preferable.

The script is available on the Sente forum: - it has an installer, instructions, and is quite easy to use.

If you download and use the script, questions and suggestions can be posted here or in the Sente thread.

Moderators, please feel free to move to a more appropriate forum…

This is a good section for it, thanks for sharing it with everyone!

I have recently created a video tutorial for the process of exporting notes from Sente to Scrivener. Here’s a link on YouTube: