Sentence capitalization

When I have Scrivener set to auto capitalize sentences, it wants to capitalize the word “should” in the following sentence:

“A senior at Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School in Hamilton, Mass., should have known that it was illegal to bring a loaded weapon to school.”

In this case, the period indicates an abbreviation, but the program interprets it as the end of a sentence, even though it has a comma after it. Also, even though I hit Undo to switch it back, every time I add a word to the sentence it recapitalizes it. I know the behavior in Word is to not repeat an auto correction if the user performs an undo. Also, it should not interpret a period with other punctuation after it as the end of a sentence.


What if you write it as Hamilton MA, with no period?

I haven’t checked any style manuals, but Mass as an abbreviation sounds a little dated.

However, I agree with you that the ., combination ought to prevent the auto-cap feature.

That works find.

Unfortunately, the style manual I have to follow does require this. It’s locally developed, but regardless of whether it’s dated or not, the program should adapt to the user, not the other way around.

Unfortunately , the problems with auto capitalisation are a known bug. Obviously, the current work-around is just to switch auto-caps off so it doesn’t annoy you. Another refinement that will be dealt with in due course - don’t worry.

No worries. It’s part of using a beta. At least I know it’s a known issue and being worked. I turned the auto-caps off already and am working without it. When I see the fix in a new release, I’ll turn it back on and see what happens!