Sentence selection can select the wrong range

Sentence selection Alt+E Alt+S Alt+S CR can select the wrong range. Not a big deal.
Steps to reproduce:
Create a document with
One two three.CRLFFour five sixCRLFSeven eight nine.CRLFTen eleven twelve

Or in a code block:

One two three. Four five six Seven eight nine. Ten eleven twelve

Click inside “two” and select a sentence. Same for “five”, “eight” and “eleven”.

Additional comments:
It’s an easy fix. The backward and forward searches for full stop, exclamation point and question mark need to be extended to include start and end of document. Whether you consider CRLF to be legal with a sentence is more of a judgement call. How about this:
My Wonderful Heading
This is my complete sentence. Note that if the heading is formatted as Heading 1, it is still selected along with the sentence.