Separate compile formats for Notes and for Manuscript

I normally have one top-level folder for the manuscript, and separate folders outside that for Characters, Plot, Setting, etc. They’re at the same level as is Front Matter.

I have created one format for the MS and another for those other folders, which I just call Notes.

I can select Manuscript at compile time, but to get all those others for a separate compile, I have to go to the Binder and select all the documents, then choose Current Selection. That seems clumsy enough that I’m sure I’m overlooking something. It would be nice just to pick the folders, but of course that just yields empty sections for Compile. I have to open up everything, Shift-select it, and then go through the compile process.

It’s not a big deal, but it does feel clumsy. Am I missing something, or is this Just The Way It is?

You can create a folder within the Manuscript folder (one level down) and name it the book’s name. Then place your Character, Plot, Setting folders at the same level, also in the Manuscript. Leave the Front Matter outside the Manuscript. To compile any of those, just select it in the dropdown in compile.

You can also hoist any of them to make the Binder look as if that folder is everything:

Using hoist and hiding the Inspector can remove a lot of distractions while writing.


Or make a collection call it “notes” and put all secondary info there and choose that collection when want to compile notes. If add new files then right click on file and choose add to collection to have available to compile.

That worked a treat. The only tiny issue was I had a few notes under Research–for stuff that didn’t have an obvious home. Research, as I’m sure you know, cannot be moved under the Manuscript. I created a Misc folder, moved those notes there, and moved Misc under my Notes folder. It’s now easy to choose between Draft (which holds the actual story) and Notes (which holds all my, er, notes).

Also, bonus points for the Hoist thing. That’s handy. And double bonus points for taking the time to provide screen shots and clear explanations!

My last name is Treat, as it happens. I work a Treat all the time.

For the things you can’t put there directly, you can use internal (or external) links referring to them, but your solution is simpler.

Or assign a “Notes” Label, and use it to build a Search Collection.