Separate cork board settings for split editor

This has been covered in the Tech Support forum for Mac, but I wanted to make it an official request:

I was attempting to set up a two-editor vertical split where I had cards automatically resize so that the 2 cards across it would maximally fill the editor, even if I adjusted it’s width. But I also wanted the other editor to display 4 or even 5 cards across, automatically adjusting their size to fit the editor.

What I found is that there is only one setting for the cork boards in both editors. So my request (for version 3 of Scrivener, perhaps), is to be able to have separate cork board settings for each editor in a split. Maybe with a check-box at the bottom of the pop-up adjustments window to the effect of “applies to other editor when in cork board mode” that can be de-selected if desired.

Seconded. But for version 2 (Win) not 3! :wink:

Sorry, Robert, I forgot to reply to this, but I did add it to the list for version 3.0 (and thus for Win v2!). :slight_smile: