Separate dictionaries


I’ve got a query regarding dictionaries: is it possible to set up a separate dictionary for names and so on that Scrivener has to be told are correct per project, e.g one called “TLR”, another called “Midnight” or is it a vase of everything going into one dictionary?

Not at this time, I’m afraid, and probably not ever. This thread may be of help.

I wonder how hard it would be to program in a per-project “ignore list”? Essentially telling the spelling system not to worry about certain words during that session, like you can do manually. The list of ignored words would be kept somewhere in the project where it can be managed, much like project metadata (title, author), so that Scrivener could add them to the ignore list when you open the project.

Interesting idea :bulb: , sort of automating what you’d do if you had a document on the project called “Custom ignore list”, and every time you open the project you force a spell check on this document and click Ignore All until done. The ignore list will be honoured by Scrivener until you exit the program (closing a project does not seem to be enough).

A problem arises, however, when you have two projects or more open projects at the same time. I’ve noticed that they would share the custom ignore words manually added. So, it would not be per-project unless more intelligence is put into overcoming the limitations of the spelling engine, which you’d have to do both on Windows and Mac, since they are two different engines.

Yeah, depending on one’s needs, it might only be part-way to what you want. I looked at the NSSpellChecker api, and it appears my idea might be possible. But would it cause more complaints than not having any per-project solution? One disadvantage : no suggestions when you actually misspell one of the ignored words.

For me, it would be good enough, letting me ignore obscure names (but still find misspellings) without adding them to the global dictionary for all other applications. Even though the accumulation of all ignored words from all opened projects might present a small risk to missing a misspelled word in an unrelated project, for me the advantage would be far greater; especially since the list could possibly be portable across machines and OSs, and would only persist within Scrivener for as long as the application was open.