Separate Folders in Windows Version

Apologies in advance for the Windows newbie question.

I’m a longtime Scrivener user on the Mac, and have just recently begun using it on a Windows laptop, and have noticed something odd.

On the Mac, my Scrivener projects appear in my desktop menu as a single icon with the project name. If I click that one icon the project opens up - no sweat. On my Windows laptop when I click on the “.scriv” file in the menu it takes me to a set of folders (Quicklook, Snapshots, Templates) and an icon labeled “project”. When I click on “project” it opens things up just like that single icon on the Mac.

What I’m wondering is, is there any way ( in the Windows version) to “collapse” that set of folders so what appears in the highest level menu is a single icon that I can click on to open things up (saving me a step)?

The other thing I noticed is that, because it’s a folder and not an icon, being new to Windows, I’ve accidentally saved a Word document into that .srciv folder rather than importing it into the project. So that’s another reason why I’d love to just have a project opening icon rather than a folder.

Is there a setting somewhere to adjust the way projects are displayed in the menu?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Actually, this is by design. You may want to read this article. I think It’ll cover most of you questions.

Hope this helps!

Thanks. That tells me what I need to know.


You might also remove the folder icon from your desktop and make a desktop shortcut to the binder file… assuming you prefer opening projects from the desktop.