Separate footnote count / Endnote visualization

Hi there,

So I have a small problem in that I want to see an ongoing word count of my main document text and (SEPARATELY) an ongoing count of my footnotes. Am I right that this isn’t possible? I am using the Non-Fiction with sub-section template - why can I not simply visualize what my endnotes will look like within the project, so I can check the total word count there?

The only way I can see to check my total endnote word count vs. my main text word count is by using project statistics. However, because part of this feature does not work for me, it seems I would be forced into clicking back and forth and doing a bunch of math.

What I mean when I say it doesn’t work: If I open my Project Statistics, it opens with footnotes included. If I click over to options and “exclude footnotes” then click back, the selection word count is smaller. The overall project word count is the same. Screenshots for proof. First is with footnotes included second shot is footnotes excluded.

How can I deal with this? I don’t want to pour 90k more words into this baby if I cant’ easily track the word count of the two most important elements (total main text size and all endnote size).


footnotes included.png
footnotes excluded.png