Separate RSS Feeds?

Is there a way to separate the RSS feeds for Scrivener Windows and Scrivener Mac? This once-very-useful aspect of the forum is now a bit of a jumble, and as Scrivener gains users it’s likely to get worse.

Short of that, does anyone have any suggestions for something I can do on my end to weed out the Windows support comments? I’m currently using Google Reader.

Please note, this is not some sort of snotty Mac-user wish. I’m very happy that Windows users can now enjoy Scrivener. I assume those lovely folks would also like to be able to tell from the RSS feed whether a tech support comment is about the software they are using.

This has already been mentioned on the Windows forums and is a good idea. We’re going to look into it, but won’t have time to do so for a couple of weeks as we are gearing up for release and are snowed under.

Perfect, thank you.

Meantime, I’ll be prefacing any tech questions I have with “Mac:”. Maybe it’ll catch on and you won’t have to do anything.

You realize that this horse has been worked over a few times? Pretty well tenderized already, but if you would like some help with the stick work, let us know.