"Separate Scrivenings with single line breaks" for Win too

Could you please add the “Separate Scrivenings with single line breaks” to the Windows version too?

Right now I’m compiling parts to get a feel for the whole without “brickwalls” separating them. I might be overly sensitive but when combining facts or parts of a discussion the lines really break up the the text.

Thanks for a really great piece of software!

The latest Windows version, 1.2.5, has “Single Return” as a separator option.

It also fixes some nasty bugs, so you might want to upgrade. The Help -> Check for Updates command should bring you up to date, or you can download the new version from our site at
scrivener.s3.amazonaws.com/Scriv … taller.exe


Thank you for your answer!

However I assume that suggestion applies to the options for compile. At least I can’t find such an option for the scrivenings-view, though I might be selectively blind. :slight_smile:

What I would like to be able to do, is to have the same setting as in the mac-version to replace the lines separating documents in in the scrivenings composit with line breaks. That setting in “Preferences…” is called “Separate Scrivenings with single line breaks” in the mac-version.

using 1.2.5

I’m sorry, poor reading comprehension on my part. :blush:

You are correct, this option does not yet exist for the Windows version.

The good news is that we plan to bring all Mac features to Windows at some point, so this request is definitely on the list.