Separate word count target for each text file within a folder?

Sorry for the simple question, I couldn’t find an answer in the manual. For my manuscript I have a single folder, with a text file for each chapter inside. I have an overall word count target for the project, but is it possible to have a per-chapter target? So my overall target is, say, 50k words, and individual chapters will have a variety of targets from 2-5k each.

If it isn’t possible, is there an alternative way I can organise my work so I can have individual targets (except for a whole separate project per chapter)?


You can provide the target for each document separately, by filling the “Target” column for them.
Just note that if you have Target filled for files AND general Target filled for the folder that contains them, this will be added together in “Total Target”, risking doubling the count:
Here I gave 70k as expected volume for this folder, then assigned 20k to the first file, so “Total Target” is the sum of both.

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