Separate Word Counting When Highlighted?[ADDRESSED]

I’m not quite sure if this is a bug, something yet to come, or something for the wishlist forum when it comes about, but I’ve notice that, while typing in a document, the only word count available is the total count. When you highlight something (i.e. click and drag your mouse over the text or shift and arrow key it) it doesn’t have a separate word count for that highlighted phrase.

Now, I couldn’t find anything in the tutorial that spoke about this, so I decided to make a post here, just in case it was a bug. And if it isn’t, I will be recommending the option, because it can be useful sometimes. :smiley:

Try selecting some text and then right-clicking on it. You should get a word and character count for the selected text in grey, at the very bottom.

Ah, thank you! I was just so used to MS Word 2007 and the way it has the selected text’s word count right there with the other word count. Plus, I think my eyes kind of went right past the right clicked menu, since it was something that I couldn’t click on and was faded.


Yeah, the integrated footer bar selection counting thing is something on the 2.0 slate; just so you know it’s on the ultimate flight-plan.