Separating & Coordinating text-content types—what settings?

Separating & Coordinating text-content types—what settings?
How can types of text content (example below) be set up to be conveniently produced in the Editor etc. & most easily achievable when Compiling?

Ideally the published layout might be in:
• two parallel vertical columns on the same page where I have control over how they vertically line up; or
• facing pages, where I at least have control over what content goes on each page.

Coordinating the two sides with easily-visible automatic numbering (Inline Footnotes?) cross-reference-linking specific places in at least the right & left sides would be very useful.

Specifically the goal is to separate one kind of text (1. Theoretical explanation, on the left) from another (2. Story(s), on the right, embodying the points being presented), while also coordinating them – all for eventual web etc. electronic publication, starting with Portable Document format (PDF). Also on the left are (3) Applications, & (4) Instructions.

Further, I want the (1) Theoretical explanations in a black-colored font, (2) Stories in a green font, (3) Applications in blue, & (4) Instructions in brown – all of which seem to be possible with Presets, & perhaps some application of Document Templates.

Optimally I want to be able to also (easily) eventually extract at least the (2) Story(s) on the right, (& perhaps the rest on the left, perhaps one type at a time) & print them in their own chapters.

I know little about Compiling, & am asking your help so I can start writing with a structure that comes as close as currently possible to my ideal, & even more importantly, is useful when compiling.

I thank you in advance for your comments – even if they tell me what is not (yet) possible.


I don’t have much positive help to offer, but…

I think what you have is a very complicated /page layout/ side to your project – something that I do not think Scrivener could accomplish as your sole tool (not what it was designed for). If I was you, I would be taking my finished project text into InDesign for handling the layout. (At the very least, it sounds like you need the notion of page-spanning “stories” that could run in tandem layout-wise – which is a notion that page layout software is adept at.)

Once you realize that you will be doing that fancy layout elsewhere, your organizational task in Scriv should look atleast somewhat easier.