Separating my ms into pages & adding a header...

Is it possible to separate my ms by chapter, add page numbers, and a header? Without those features, this program is not helpful to novel writers, and I can’t find an easy way to do these things. Can someone help? :cry:

Hi Sylvia,

I think you are mistaking Scrivener for a page layout program, which it most certainly is not. Scrivener was originally designed for novel writing - it is what most are using it for, in fact - so most here would disagree that it is “not helpful to novel writers”. It is its whole raison d’etre. Page numbers and headers are hardly what novel-writing is all about - they are what you add when you are formatting a novel for submission, not what you worry about when actually composing the novel (unless, like me, you like to procrastinate :slight_smile: ).

Scrivener is for drafting your novel, not for formatting it in particular. So you drag index cards around which represent synopses of your scenes, you compose your scenes and so on and so forth. It makes this process very fluid. There is no “page layout” view such as you get in Word, because Scrivener is not a word processor. Scrivener was really designed to aid in the planning, outlining, drafting and composition process so that you get to a draft that you could then export to a word processor for final formatting (adding headers, page numbers and suchlike).

That said, it is entirely possible to write a novel in Scrivener and format it at the export stage in such a way that you send it straight off for submission. When you export Scrivener via the Export Draft… sheet (available in the file menu), you can choose to add headers and page numbers. You can in fact just print your novel straight from the Export Draft sheet, and Scrivener does a very good job at creating a manuscript in standard manuscript format if that is what you want.

See this thread for a standard manuscript format template and example project (which includes a PDF document demonstrating how a novel might be printed straight from Scrivener).


I see. Thank you for explaining. I thought that there might be some formatting available before exporting, but that is fine. I understand that there are several options now.

Hi Sylvia,

I couldn’t help but chuckle on reading your post. Scrivener has transformed the way I write. Helpful would be a understatement!
Oddly, it’s in part because it’s not a formatting application that it’s so profoundly useful.

Having said that, I’ve used the export feature to submit chapters to my editor, and she says she rarely receives material so easy to work with.
(not sure if she meant that about the writing or the formatting :wink: , but I’ll take it for what it’s worth!)

Give Scriv a whirl. It’s the best writing productivity tool I’ve come across in years of searching. I hope it gives others as much as it’s given me.

Best to you,


Sylvia, if you need any help in getting it to format properly on export, let me know. If you play with the project in the thread I linked to, hopefully you will see how flexible it will be.

Keith, I don’t think you included the link. I was going to take a look as well.
Now back to lurking! :smiley:

D’oh! You’re right. I bought myself an Xbox 360 today to celebrate my first week of sales, and it seems that too much Gears of War has rotted my brain. Ahem. I am meant to be writing. Ahem. Here’s the link: … .php?t=625

Sorry about that.


Great! Thanks for the link. I appreciate it. I’m a fan of Scrivener, but I need to get used to it, because I’ve been using it for two weeks and I’ve worked with Word for a decade! Besides, I need to remember that they are entirely different programs and can’t be treated the same way. :bulb: