Separator for merged documents misbehavior - bug

This doesn’t work:

When merging documents it inserts two carriage returns (an empty line), rather than a single one.

[EDIT] As a matter of fact, the custom separator doesn’t work either. Merging documents inserts an empty line no matter what.

(I haven’t yet tried or tested the three other Features/situations.)

Append selection doesn’t work either. → Single return and custom.

Trying to test “Scratchpad notes” I crashed Scrivener. :skull_and_crossbones:
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Success this time (no crash), but it doesn’t work either. They all insert an empty line no matter what.

So, the only one I haven’t in the end tested is “Append clipping service”, as I just don’t know how.
But given that so far it failed 6 ways out of 6, I’d expect it to fail too.

Doesn’t matter the setting, you get an empty line.

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As for the crash, I don’t think it is directly related, but rather that this one time Scratchpad had first given me an error message saying something about the save location, but seemed to work anyway. So I went on with my test, and Scrivener crashed.
Having fixed “notes location” in the options, it doesn’t crash anymore.

Yeah, at the moment none of these do anything or work the way they should. :slight_smile: This is in fact something I just finished testing; full functionality will be in the next update.


While we’re at it, mind educating me as regard to what’s “Append clippings service” ?
Couldn’t find it in the manual…

It means nothing in the Windows version, and won’t be present in the update. This was basically copied as UI from the Mac version without any code added to it, early in beta when they were doing that still, and it should have been removed from the software at launch (as other such scaffolding areas were), but got overlooked.

The setting itself relates to a global Mac feature that allows all software to provide other programs with menu commands that can integrate them together. I could for example select some text in this editing field in the browser, right-click, and send that text directly to an open Scrivener project, or I could send it to a program that evaluates it and gives me readability statistics, or a utility that cleans all of the Markdown out of it and turns it into rich text in-place, or use it as the basis for a new email, or make a new note out of it in a note-taking program, or turn it into a typeset equation with LaTeX, if applicable… etc. It’s a very nice capability, though sadly underused and lesser known—to the point that we get feature requests to add buttons for browsers that do what it already does, but from anywhere at all, not just browsers. :slight_smile:

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Thank you.
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