Separator of scenes, sections, etc

Is there any way to add a separator between scenes in the form of asterisks, a horizontal line etc? Any ideas will be appreciated


Yes, there is.

You do this when you compile your document. I don’t have the Windows version, so can’t give you exact titles for menus etc, but the process is basically:

  1. Compile the document

  2. Make sure you have the ‘All Options’ not the ‘Summary’ tab chosen. On the left hand side you should see an entry for ‘Separators’

  3. You can then choose different separators for different situations, e.g. between two text documents, between two folders or combinations of the folder and text documents. I would imagine most people use folders for Chapters and text documents for Scenes.

So to have *** between scenes, choose Custom from the ‘Text Separator’ option and type in ***.

To make sure that you don’t have *** at the end of the last scene in a chapter, choose Page Break (or Empty Line or Single Return) for the ‘Text and Folder’ option.

Then finish the compilation in the normal way. Hope this helps…