Separators? (Horizontal Lines?)

Very new Scrivener user here (first project). When writing in LibreOffice I use horizontal lines freely to signal changes in scene or POV. However, I haven’t found the corresponding command to do so in Scrivener.

Also, I might like to split these chapters up into subchapters to help organize and rearrange into the final product. I went through the tutorial, but if there’s a way to split up an imported chapter into subchapters I missed it. Can someone point me in the right direction?

The easiest way to work in Scrivener is to have a folder for each chapter, and inside them each scene as a separate document. That way when you compile the final manuscript you can choose to have markers inserted between scenes etc. And as you write you can shuffle scenes around if you want to.

You can split a document using the Documents>Split commands. Either Split at Selection (ctrl-k), or Split with Selection as Title (ctrl-shift-k).

… And if you haven’t figured out what segments of your story belong in individual chapters, you can just have a series of documents in the binder without any folders, and worry about organizing them into chapter folders later.

But that’s the key. Instead of putting in lines, just start a new document where you’d normally put a line. You can use the metadata field “Label” to set which PoV you’re in for that section, and you can set Scrivener to show colors for each label in the binder, in icons, and/or in the color of each index card on the cork board view/in the inspector.