Seperate Negative/Positive Word Count History

I love the writing history feature in Scrivener. But as I edit and cut words, those “negatives” really impact the new writing I actually do.

I would love a way that the substracted words and the added words were listed separately in the writing history. Both adding and subtracting are important to the writing process, and I’m not sure why they have to work against each other when the gauging process.

If the two were kept separate, my editing days wouldn’t look so unproductive and I could still gauge how much work I’m actually doing.

Old post, but I ran into this. I dealt with it in this way

Every bit of writing is done in the Drafts folder. But outside of drafts is a folder called the Editing Table. If I want to do editing, I move my stuff there and then do that.

So positive ends up in Drafts and negative ends up in Other. The total will still be off though.

(There’s likely a better way of going about this. I’d appreciate hearing it.)

I would not mind being able to keep them separate though, or enable an editing mode to disable the word count decreasing.

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