Seperators for compile

I have not found a way to have no separator between texts, folders, folder and text and text and folders. It I choose custom and leave the line blank, I still get an carriage return and empty line between elements. This mucks up the formatting in ms word, which allows spaces before and after paragraphs without the need to put in empty paragraph returns. Is there something I am missing?

“Single return” should do what you want. That is the minimum amount that separators will do, and merely serves to make sure that the last paragraph of one section does not run on into the first paragraph of the next section. This way you do not have to remember to add an extra return yourself on the last paragraph of each section. As you note, custom creates an empty line where it would then insert your custom text. If you supply no text you are left with a result similar to “Empty line”.

Note there is a bug right now that causes single return to act like empty line. This will be fixed in the next update, which will likely be released in the coming days. I’d recommend hanging tight until that comes, but if you must compile post haste, then use a custom separator to type in something unique (like “%%%”), compile, and then use Word to search for any lines containing that, and replace them with nothing.

Thank you very much. That works.