Seperators for compiler or XML export

Well, cant finde a way to get my text out of scrivener while perserving the structure i’ve build.
I would like to be able to export to xml format, but its all flat…
I’m thinking a way could be to use the seperators in the compiler eg. between two text use “” well, this gets flat since there aren’t any seperators between parent/child:
[]text folder(child)
]text text (child)
[]folder folder (child)
]folder text (child)

I’ve got well over 546.354 words (>2.500 A4 printet without images) in the text i’m gonna structurize - I’m put to a hold using scrivener, even if its a great tool. I don’t dare continue using it if I cant get my work out. Hope this can be done, I’m a scrivener newbe

Try this:


Also this:



Thanks Martin,

The style scheme solves the word import, but not the xml export I’m afraid

What XML are you trying to export to?

The title prefix and suffix controls in the Formatting pane are another place you can use to insert XML containment. Unless you find some trick I’ve never discovered, you will need to manually fix the top and bottom of the XML tree because the prefix/suffix system will insert open and close elements at the top of each item (either that or insert dummy elements into the draft to correct problems). Thus the best you can do is:

Note that since Formatting controls can be level based, you can do more than a flat list. And you can do some cool stuff in here as well, like .

Well, I think *.fodt could work - except its flat - not creating xml in form of parent/child relations but with attribute “level”. Think I’ll just try and make some xslt to fix it.
With the four extra seperators a “start-of-text marker” and a checkbox “html encode” text in the compiler - it would be possible to setup a compiler custom xml/html5 formats. (again thinking about making epub3+ compatible books)

test some parent text... child a child b

Hi Amber, thanks
I’ve played around the prefix/sufix for the title - true could apply level=“1”, etc.
dont have to fix bottom since there is an “end of text marker” (but no “start of text marker” this would make it possible to setup flat xml thus applying a level attr. and no images exported…but using only external images i guess this could be solved using the replace function, now leaving the encoding left except this could be handled by a double replacment scheme - creating a result simelar to the .fodt)
even 4 extra seperators as i described wouldnt work - since they only target parent to child seperator and not child to parent seperator.
should be:
]folder to collection
[]text to collection
]collection to folder
[*]collection to text
but this would allow for nested xml, custom whatever xml? or html (to put in a epub shell?)

I use the seperators:
folder to folder “”
folder to text “”
text to folder “”
text to text “”
title contains the level but a xslt that doesnt matter that much.